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Multiple Shrink Packaging Machine (Printed or Transparent Shrinkable Film is Capable)


FAC-207 / FAC-209

FYM Color Print Multiple packaging machine features with excellent technology. High quality, simple operation, low maintenance, small size, multi-function and quick change.

介紹 :

  • The shrinkable film is considerably cheater than carton. There are no problems in applying bar code on the film. Stable packs and good stacking qualities.

  • Good protection for bottles and cans against contamination - clean, sanitary and good moisture resistance. Protection for bottled products against the effects of UV radiation.

  • The film can be printed for specific promotional advertising effects, and inserted coupons for sales promotion.
    Encourages the sale of multipacks instead of single products. Products are easily distinguished & managed. PE film can be recycled.

  • It’s very easy to do arrangement on production line. Simple & clean appearance is the best equipment for GMP factory.

  • It’s equipped with safety alarm devices including the sealing safety sensor, non-film sensor, upside-down cans sensor and film breakage sensor. There are photo eyes following up the register printed film.

  • The machine body is made by painted steel or stainless steel and Aluminum alloy material.

  • It’s easy & fast to adjust different packing structures.

  • The machine is controlled by PLC program, so the actions are smooth. It’s simple to operate the control panel.

特別說明 :

  • 機台操作高度,可配合生產連線的機台工作高度,本型錄所列為900mm高,如連線高度超過此值,機台高度請往上加。 

  • 操作箱之方位,可配合線上需求配置。

  • 包裝型態若為1x2、1x3、3x4、2x4、2x5或PET瓶之包裝,可另加設計配備。

  • 機台產品輸入可另加擾動機構。

  • 上方彩印膠膜為表面印刷,下方為透明膠膜。(彩色膜包裝為選購配備)

  • 六列或八列入料,一次推送兩包作業。

特點 :

  • 透明膠膜及彩色印刷定位版面均可使用。

  • 本機適用PE彩色膠膜包裝,讓產品更具有附加價值。

  • 包裝型態多樣化,符合量販潮流。

  • 包裝速度快,與生產線相連接運作。

  • 不傷品質,節省電力,增加利潤。

  • 熱縮爐熱輻射均勻,輸送機為小滾筒組合帶動,經久耐用。

  • 特為彩色膠膜收縮之爐內導風設備,不論彩色或透明膠膜收縮後之產品,平整美觀。

  • 輸送速度微調,溫度自動控制,操作容易。

  • 滾筒加套矽橡膠耐熱管,膠膜不易沾黏。

FAC 系列 規格表 :


FM 系列 規格表 :


影片 :



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