Multiple Shrink Packaging Machine
(Printed or Transparent Shrinkable Film is Capable)

Counting, Grouping

FAC-207 / FAC-209
Multiple Shrink Packaging Machine
(Printed or Transparent Shrinkable Film is Capable)

FYM Color Print Multiple packaging machine features with excellent technology. High quality, simple operation, low maintenance, small size, multi-function and quick change.


  • The shrinkable film is considerably cheater than carton. There are no problems in applying bar code on the film. Stable packs and good stacking qualities.

  • Good protection for bottles and cans against contamination - clean, sanitary and good moisture resistance. Protection for bottled products against the effects of UV radiation.

  • The film can be printed for specific promotional advertising effects, and inserted coupons for sales promotion.
    Encourages the sale of multipacks instead of single products. Products are easily distinguished & managed. PE film can be recycled.

  • It’s very easy to do arrangement on production line. Simple & clean appearance is the best equipment for GMP factory.

  • It’s equipped with safety alarm devices including the sealing safety sensor, non-film sensor, upside-down cans sensor and film breakage sensor. There are photo eyes following up the register printed film.

  • The machine body is made by painted steel or stainless steel and Aluminum alloy material.

  • It’s easy & fast to adjust different packing structures.

  • The machine is controlled by PLC program, so the actions are smooth. It’s simple to operate the control panel.


  • The standard working height is 900 +/-50mm. Special working height can be made as per customer's requirement.

  • The position of the control cabinet is optional.

  • If the pack formation is 1x21x33x42x42x5 or PET bottles, the machine can be additionally designed.

  • The infeed conveyor can be additionally equipped with agitator to assist its feeding.

  • The upper film is surface printed film, the lower one in transparent film.

  • 6 or 8 Channels (Streams) In-feed, to shrink wrap 2 packages of each push.


  • Register printed or unprinted shrinable film can choose.

  • The machine is the most suitable for PE printed material to make the great value of products.

  • Various pack formations can meet the trend of wholesale.

  • Fast packing speed can match the production line prosperously.

  • To assure the quality without being damaged, to save electricity and to increase profits.

  • Heat oven for contracting will send out even heat radiation. Delivery is done by rollers with durability.

  • Special air flow directional construction for color / non- color film, can shrink products beautifully and smoothly.

  • Variable speed tunnel conveyor, automatic thermostat controls, simple operation

  • Silicone rubber coated conveyor belt rods.

Packing Flow
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