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Fungyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. established in 1973, is a professional and leading manufacturer and agency in food and beverage packaging machinery. With advance technology and certifications, the company offers professional, customer focus, and quality assurance services to world wide customers. We are the leading pioneer in the industry by innovating our business practices along the way to match the demand of the market ...


High Speed Series Overlapping / Counting, Grouping / Tape Packing / Case/Tray Packing, Shrink Sleeve Labeling & Palletizing System / Semi-Auto / L-Type Packaging / Flow Wrapper Packaging


FASP-9020-2A  PVC & OPP Tapes Accounting-Grouping-Shrink Wrapper
  • Fully Automatic feeding to work in-line and save labor cost.

  • Machine designs for easier adjustment, which suitable for a wider range of product.

  • The packing of Trademark is designed outwardly, and beautifully ......


It is very easy to operate, by touch screen is really a wise type design machine for only simple operation. Model FY-360 is high speed printed-film packaging machine, and it is developed by our company with latest technology. We always look for high quality, high speed, accurate, multi-function, and simple maintenance.

The company has developed complete solutions of the various fully automatic machines for more cost-effective, economically, reliable, and flexible production processes.

The flexibly designed, cost-effective solutions are immediately available, from standard modules to kit solutions. 



ADDRESS : No.187, Tung Pei St., Feng Yuan District, 42060 Taichung City, Taiwan.
TEL : +886-4-25232986 / 25227318 / 25253217-8
FAX : +886-4-25276828

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