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Automatic Tray Shrinker (Overlap)

High Speed Series Overlapping

Automatic Tray Shrinker (Overlap)

Automatic Tray Shrinker (Overlap)


  • FYT-501 series are our newly developed models that meet the newest over-lap packaging systems adopted by the industries in the world. High speed, Nice packing, Functional, Simple maintenance, easy operation and manpower saving.

  • Packing material is LDPE shrink film. Both transparent and printed shrink film can be used.

  • Single film packing is overlapped at the bottom of the products, there are no heat seals on the packages.

  • Multi-Axis of PC base programming control by color touch screen operation. Within specified range (L x W x H) for different products is completely simple for size-change on the screen.

  • Each action and workstation of machines can be displayed on the screen for view.

  • Film is delivered by Servo motor, so the film length is easily controlled. Sucking conveyor is equipped.

  • Two film cradles at single-spindle air pressure can be exchanged. Each set can bear 60~90kgs of film roll.

  • Film-rolling mechanism is controlled by Servo motor. the packing in different heights can proceed at any time. Automatic trip device for breakdown and lip type conveyor are also equipped.

  • The machine can match the interlocking control system of before/after production lines.

  • The machine body is made of standard steel #SS41 with powder painted surface. Inner oven is made of SUS#304.

  • Electric heating stainless steel tube is equipped with fin and installed with ceramic adapter wires at two ends, so temperature can be adjusted. ABM Mineral Wood board covers heat-reserving layer.

  • Twin circulation fans are to ensure even heat distribution inside shrink oven. Heat wind direction is adjustable.

  • The machine's structure is melted and formed with square SS41 steel pipes with powder painted surface.


Automatic Tray Shrinker (Overlap)




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