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Automatic Wrap Around Case Packer

全箱/淺箱包裝機,套標機&疊棧系統 - 裏包機

Automatic Wrap Around Case Packer

FY-CSP-2125, FY-CSP-2124L & FY-CSP-2125L(PULL TYPE)
Automatic Wrap Around Case Packer

特點 :

  • Human-Computer Interaction Design.

  • Fully Wrap Around carton packing and Tray Packing operation.

  • The large processing range comprises PVC, PE, PET, PP Bottles, Glass Bottles, Cans and aluminum cans etc.

  • Parameters can be set and modified on the screen.

  • Glue Spraying distance is control by encoder, ensuring consistent glue spraying length on each carton and permit adjustment and memorizing at any time.

  • Minimization of the changeover times, in order to quickly Switch from a production to another one.

  • All movable parts are provided with grease nozzle for lubrication. Hard-to-reach bearings located at the machine bottom are centralized lubrication at outside through oil tubes.

  • CE Certification.

規格表 :

Automatic Wrap Around Case Packer

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